Wilson Auction & Realty specializes in an assortment of auction services. Headquartered in Bryan, Ohio, we are one of the nation’s largest auction firms and service our clients across ten different states.

Our services include liquidations of all types including real estate, industrial, commercial and agricultural machinery, autos and equipment using the latest technology of marketing to produce the greatest return for our clients.

Over 65 Years Experience in the Asset Liquidation Industry

Additionally, with over 65 years of experience in the asset liquidation industry, we can help our clients get their assets in top shape before the liquidation process begins. We put our clients first, and strive to help them anyway we can in their pursuit to purchase or liquidate assets.

An auction offers a myriad of benefits to both the seller and the buyer. Regardless of what is being sold at an auction, the seller benefits from having a competitive market for their asset, a group of qualified buyers looking at their product or property and a feeling of contentment that naturally comes from knowing their asset will sell. Moreover, sellers benefit from having a quick liquidation of their asset, having the opportunity to receive more than their asking price and the added advantage of not worrying about the hassle that comes with trying to close a normal sale.

We Bring Buyers & Sellers Together So Come Join Us at ALL Our Auctions

Buyers also greatly benefit from purchasing property or other assets at an auction. For starters, they know they are getting their product or property at fair market value, they know they are dealing with motivated sellers and the closing date is already known. What’s more, it eliminates drawn out negotiation periods and they know how other people value the asset based on their bids.

An auction is a truly exciting experience. Wilson Auction & Realty can help you make it a successful one too whether you are buying or selling.