Auction Bidding Has Game Like Elements

Bidding at auctions has some game-like elements. After all, you can win or lose the auction. Ideally, you want to play to win, and use strategy to get what you want. Have you ever played a board game with family members, and someone was losing? Those games can get really competitive quickly. And, games can… Read more »

Reminders Before Going to a Heavy Equipment Auction

Going to a heavy equipment auction anytime soon? What are some good reminders before you attend? New or Used First, think about whether or not you want a brand new piece of equipment or if used will do. Oftentimes, you can get a nearly-new or used piece of heavy equipment at an auction for a… Read more »

What’s Better: Live or Online Auctions?

Is it better to have an online or in-person auction? That’s a great question. First, consider what kind of person you are… Do you conduct most of your business affairs online? Do you pay bills online, shop for clothing and gifts online, and/or buy/sell cars online? If you’re the kind of person who carries a… Read more »

Choosing the Right Auction Company is a Critical Decision

Choosing the right auction company is critical since you want to get the most money for whatever it is that you’re selling, and you also want the auction company to help make the whole process go smoothly, without stress or problems. Auctions can definitely help speed up a sale process. Motivated buyers utilize auctions to… Read more »

Keep These Things in Mind Regarding Liquidation Auctions

What happens when a company is going out of business? Typically, they try to sell off their assets (such as machinery/equipment) in order to make some money. One of the ways they do that is through a liquidation sale. Or they might do an auction. What’s the difference? Liquidation Process Typically, a liquidation sale involves… Read more »

The Differences Between Buying Something Via Auction Vs a Negotiation

You have something to sell. You want someone to buy it. Should you sell it at auction or negotiate the sale price with a potential buyer? Or you’re a buyer– do you want to buy something via auction or would you rather negotiate the price over time, one-on-one? Auction Buying Auctions are popular primarily because… Read more »

Market Value vs Auction Value

When you think about things, they have value, don’t they? With regards to auctions, there’s something known as auction value versus market value. What are these and what are their differences? Differences Between Market Value and Auction Value Well, consider a piece of property as an example. You might have a house on one acre… Read more »

What Makes a Good Auctioneer?

Wilson Auction & Realty conducts numerous auctions throughout the year. With that in mind, what makes a good auctioneer? Showmanship Oftentimes, a good auctioneer is known for his or her showmanship and style. In a way, an auctioneer is a lot like an entertainer. They share a similar mindset. After all, they’re standing in front… Read more »

What Not to Do At Auctions

Some people have been attending auctions for years, and they’ll have some stories to share, for sure! Others are new to auctions and might not know too much about how auctions work. For those who are fairly new to “the auction world,” here are some tips regarding what not to do at auctions… Strategic Thinking… Read more »