What is a Buyer’s Premium?

Have you heard of the term “buyer’s premium” as it relates to auctions? You might assume it’s some random extra charge, but it’s actually in place to help the auction house pay its bills and to be able to offer future auctions. Basically a buyer’s premium is an additional charge on the hammer price or… Read more »

Why Online Auctions Have Been a Godsend During the Pandemic

It has been a difficult year for a lot of people thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Covid-19 has upended the way people do things, and, oftentimes, caused many people to literally not do things, such as visit movie theaters or garage sales or amusement parks. For months people have heard “stay home, stay safe,… Read more »

A Guide To Buying Farm Equipment Via Auctions

You can buy farm equipment at dealerships or through private sellers, but have you considered buying farm equipment and machinery at an auction? Oftentimes, farmers like buying equipment and machinery at auctions because they get a great deal for a low price. Who doesn’t appreciate a quality bargain? Time to Plan and Formulate a “Want”… Read more »

How the Pandemic is Affecting the Real Estate Market

In real estate, sometimes it’s a buyer’s market (where the buyer gets quite a good deal on a property) and sometimes it’s a seller’s market (where the seller makes quite a profit). Latest Trends Recently, it’s definitely been a seller’s market in most places. That’s because inventory is low and demand is high. So those… Read more »

How An Auction Can Help You Maximize the Value of Your Intellectual Property

Have you or your company ever tried to sell intellectual property? It’s often easier said than done, especially if you’re only working with one lead. After all, they’re trying to obtain your IP at the cheapest rate possible, while you’re trying to maximize the value of your asset and get top dollar for it. What’s… Read more »

How to Prepare for a Property Auction

So you’re planning to go to a property auction? What should you expect and what should you do to get ready for one? When property is auctioned off, people can typically evaluate and inspect the property before the actual auction takes place, and they’ll also need to prepare their financing beforehand as well. Prepare for… Read more »

How Auction Companies Can Help Businesses Liquidate

If you have assets you need to liquidate, consider utilizing the services of an auction company like Wilson Auction & Realty. Typically, when companies need to recover assets, such as land, machinery or equipment, they have liquidation sales and/or auction sales. The Purpose of Liquidation Liquidation sales take place over a period of time with… Read more »

What Should You Know About a Real Estate Auction?

If you don’t know much about real estate auctions, this is a good article to read in order to familiarize yourself with what they are and how they work. In today’s world, most people know about auctions and they tend to think of them as related to cars or artwork. However, real estate can and… Read more »