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Why Farm Equipment Auctions Are Mutually Beneficial to Buyers and Sellers

If you own a farm, you know farm equipment is expensive if you buy it brand new. Certain machines can cost tens of thousands of dollars. And farming isn’t always that profitable. Some years are leaner than others, depending on how crops do and/or how much money certain animals can fetch in the market. With… Read more »

Here’s Why You Should Consider Participating in Farm Equipment Auctions

Farm life is not for the faint of heart. Working on a farm is literally hard work. It involves long hours, animals, dirt, food and ever-increasing costs. Of course, most farmers want to find ways to save money, right? And when there comes a time that new or replacement farm equipment is needed, does it… Read more »

How to Be a Successful Bidder at Farm Auctions

Farm auctions can be fun and lucrative. Wilson Auction & Realty Company handles several farm auctions each year in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. Notably, farm auctions are beneficial to both sellers and buyers. Put simply, the auction system means you are either obtaining or selling equipment at fair market prices. And if you’re buying at… Read more »

A Guide To Buying Farm Equipment Via Auctions

You can buy farm equipment at dealerships or through private sellers, but have you considered buying farm equipment and machinery at an auction? Oftentimes, farmers like buying equipment and machinery at auctions because they get a great deal for a low price. Who doesn’t appreciate a quality bargain? Time to Plan and Formulate a “Want”… Read more »

What Do Farmers Look For at Agricultural Auctions?

What you and I might call an “agricultural auction” is probably more commonly referred to as a “farm auction,” where used farm equipment and machinery is put up for bid, and those with deep pockets tend to get some great deals on things like tractors, trailers and bulldozers. Land Therefore, what do farmers look for… Read more »

How the Auction Process Works for Farmland

If you have a parcel of farmland you want to sell as quickly as you can, your best option is probably to auction it off. Auctioning farmland will allow you to unload the land in a matter of just a few minutes in most cases, while bringing in plenty of strong offers from potential buyers…. Read more »

How Auctions Benefit Sellers Trying to Sell Land

Selling land is often an expensive and time consuming process that is fraught with pitfalls. Selling at auction avoids much of the hassle while also offering some tangible benefits to sellers. These are a few ways that real estate auctions benefit sellers who are trying to sell land. Price competition Obviously sellers want to receive… Read more »

How Buying Equipment at Auctions Can Help Farmer

How much does it cost to buy a new tractor? While a bare-bones one might sell for less than $10,000, most mid-size tractors with 30 to 75 hp cost between $25,000 to $50,000 these days. So if you think a brand new car is expensive, realize that tractors are typically even more costly than cars…. Read more »

Prepare for Planting Season with Us

As winter gradually gives way to spring across the Midwest, agricultural producers are preparing for another growing season.  Many farmers are also thinking about purchasing new equipment or farmland in preparation for the year ahead. At Wilson Auction & Realty, we offer a variety of opportunities to help you prepare for planting this spring. Agricultural… Read more »