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The Journey of Finding the Right Auction Company for Your Needs

You have something you want to sell. Maybe it’s farming equipment. Perhaps it’s some antiques. Whatever it is, there are several ways to go about selling it, right? One of those ways is to auction it off to the highest bidder. You can do this with residential or commercial real estate, intellectual property, machinery, vintage… Read more »

A Guide to Winning Auctions Without Overpaying

Auctions can be fun, exciting and unpredictable. Once in a while there’s something up for auction that is rare or odd enough that several people want it, and are willing to pay extravagant amounts of money to “win” it. Of course, that’s not usually the case, but it does happen, especially with rare pieces of… Read more »

Common Silent Bid Issues

If you’ve ever been to Dave & Buster’s where they have lots of video games you’ll probably notice a table full of movie, TV and sports memorabilia, often autographed. These items are part of a silent auction whereas you can write your name and information on a sheet of paper in front of the item… Read more »

A Bidders’ Guide to Liquidation Auctions

To liquidate is to wind up the affairs of a company by ascertaining liabilities and apportioning assets. At least that’s the dictionary definition. But what does that mean for auctions? What is a Liquidation Auction? What’s a liquidation auction, specifically? When a company goes out of business (or goes bankrupt or is foreclosed on) they… Read more »

What Does Good Auction Etiquette Entail?

Wilson Auction & Realty of Bryan, Ohio, conducts several auctions each month, both in-person and online. All sorts of things can be auctioned, and all sorts of buyers seem interested in what’s for sale, whether it’s residential or commercial property, farm equipment, machinery or whatever else is listed. Etiquette is the customary code of polite… Read more »

Should You Sell Your Property at an Auction?

If you think about it, the COVID pandemic has had a major impact on the housing market. People stayed home, they made money but didn’t spend it… and now they have money to spend, and they want to move… There aren’t enough houses on the market to satisfy demand in many places, so prices are… Read more »

Auction Bidding Has Game Like Elements

Bidding at auctions has some game-like elements. After all, you can win or lose the auction. Ideally, you want to play to win, and use strategy to get what you want. Have you ever played a board game with family members, and someone was losing? Those games can get really competitive quickly. And, games can… Read more »

What’s Better: Live or Online Auctions?

Is it better to have an online or in-person auction? That’s a great question. First, consider what kind of person you are… Do you conduct most of your business affairs online? Do you pay bills online, shop for clothing and gifts online, and/or buy/sell cars online? If you’re the kind of person who carries a… Read more »

Choosing the Right Auction Company is a Critical Decision

Choosing the right auction company is critical since you want to get the most money for whatever it is that you’re selling, and you also want the auction company to help make the whole process go smoothly, without stress or problems. Auctions can definitely help speed up a sale process. Motivated buyers utilize auctions to… Read more »

Keep These Things in Mind Regarding Liquidation Auctions

What happens when a company is going out of business? Typically, they try to sell off their assets (such as machinery/equipment) in order to make some money. One of the ways they do that is through a liquidation sale. Or they might do an auction. What’s the difference? Liquidation Process Typically, a liquidation sale involves… Read more »