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An Overview of Different Auction Types

Most people are familiar with the way that auctions work. An auctioneer typically stands before a crowd of people with an item for sale and starts the bidding at a certain price. Those who are interested in buying the item then let the auctioneer know how much they would be willing to pay for said… Read more »

Reasons to Hire a Professional Auction Company for an Estate Sale

Holding an estate sale can be a really complicated process. Whether you are holding one for a loved one who recently passed away or holding one for yourself due to an unexpected move, it can be difficult to sell everything within an estate quickly, and it can be even more difficult to do it when… Read more »

Reasons to Purchase Property at an Auction

Are you looking to score a great deal on a new property? You could spend days searching through your local real estate listings looking for a home with a low price that has somehow gone unnoticed by others. Alternatively, you could attend a real estate auction and try to outbid others on properties. Here are… Read more »

Things to Keep in Mind If You Are New to Auctions

Auctions are a great venue to shop for deals on anything from collectibles to real estate. In addition to providing an opportunity to buy and sell just about anything, auctions are also entertaining and educational. These are a few things to keep in mind if you are new to auctions. Overview Auctions are events where… Read more »

Tips for Choosing an Auction Company

Are you planning to auction off real estate, heavy-duty equipment, vehicles, antiques, or household items at some point in the near future? Before you do, you should do your homework and find the best auction company for the job. You are going to want an auction company known for professionalism in your corner so that… Read more »

Reserved vs. Absolute Auctions: Which Is Best for You?

If you work in the agricultural industry or own a commercial company and you have an interest in selling off old equipment, one of the best ways to do it is by holding an auction. Auctions will allow interested buyers to place bids on the items you are looking to sell, and they can drive… Read more »

Do Some Spring Cleaning of Your Assets

Are you ready to do your spring cleaning? The season is quickly approaching where we find creative ways to free the clutter in our lives. Some people use this time to clean the playroom to get rid of the toys their kids no longer use or by finally cleaning out the garage. It can also… Read more »

Grow Your Business at Commercial Auctions

Are you interested in purchasing fixtures, displays, registers and other equipment for your business? You could go out and spend a fortune by buying new items, but you could also save a lot of money by purchasing all of these items and more at a commercial auction. Wilson Auction & Realty specializes in holding commercial… Read more »

Six Tips for Attending Your First Auction

Auctions can be a wonderful place to find good prices on everything from real estate to things for the home and sometimes even amazing antiques or rarities.   Attending your first auction can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re not sure of the process. Follow these six tips and you’ll be ready for your… Read more »

Understanding the Buyer’s Premium

  In some auctions, a buyer’s premium is included as a fee that the winner of the auction pays on top of the hammer price (or the final auction price) to the auction house. It’s usually a percentage fee, ranging anywhere from 12 percent to 25 percent, and most auction houses that regularly charge buyer’s… Read more »