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The Benefits of Buying a Car at an Auction

What are some of the benefits of buying a car at an auction?  Access to Exclusive Cars Some auctions are open to both dealers and regular folks. That means you gain access to the “exclusive” cars that dealers bid on! Great Price Points One of the best benefits of buying a car at an auction… Read more »

Why Auto Auctions Are Great for Remarketing Vehicles

Vehicle remarketing is defined as the controlled disposal of fleet and leasing vehicles that have reached the end of their fixed term. In vehicle leasing, after the lease expires, the lessee either returns the vehicle to the supplier or buys it. Suppliers typically end up with lots of vehicles because of this, so they want… Read more »

The Benefits of Buying a Vehicle at Auction

Have you ever thought about buying a vehicle at an auction? Most people don’t think about this option, but for those who do, they’re often pleasantly surprised at what good deals can be had. Why buy a car or truck at an auction? The number one reason comes down to price: you can get your… Read more »

Understanding “Auction Chant”

Maybe your only experience of hearing the melodic chant of an auctioneer is spending a Saturday afternoon around the TV, watching PBS. Or maybe you were brought up around the authentic experience of actually going to auctions every Saturday with your family. Either way, the chant you experience at an auction house has many names…. Read more »

Maximizing a Car Purchase from an Auction

Many people are trying to save money on purchasing a newer vehicle and a lot of car dealerships want your life savings but you can’t afford that. So it is time to look at your options and auctions seem appealing. There are two different options for auctions, government auctions and public auctions. A government auction… Read more »