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How to Use Liquidation Auctions to Your Advantage

If you visit a flea market, you might encounter some stalls or tables filled with various household products like bottles of shampoo, toothpastes, picture frames, etc. And there seems to be a whole lot of them, and they’re really cheap. How did those items get there? Chances are the flea market seller attended a liquidation… Read more »

A Bidders’ Guide to Liquidation Auctions

To liquidate is to wind up the affairs of a company by ascertaining liabilities and apportioning assets. At least that’s the dictionary definition. But what does that mean for auctions? What is a Liquidation Auction? What’s a liquidation auction, specifically? When a company goes out of business (or goes bankrupt or is foreclosed on) they… Read more »

Keep These Things in Mind Regarding Liquidation Auctions

What happens when a company is going out of business? Typically, they try to sell off their assets (such as machinery/equipment) in order to make some money. One of the ways they do that is through a liquidation sale. Or they might do an auction. What’s the difference? Liquidation Process Typically, a liquidation sale involves… Read more »

Reasons to Sell Assets Through a Liquidation Auction

Did you just decide to close down your business for good, or has your business accumulated a large number of items over the years that you no longer need? Well, you could try and sell each and every item on your own. However, outside of taking up a lot of your time, this will also… Read more »

Auctions Vs. Liquidations

Are you in the process of either closing down a business or trying to recover assets for your business by selling off some of the items that you own? You will have two options for doing it. You can either hold a liquidation sale or hold an auction. Both are effective methods for selling items,… Read more »

Benefits of Holding a Liquidation Auction

Are you a business owner struggling to pay back creditors at the moment? You should know that, while your situation is not ideal, you do have some options that will allow you to get cash quickly so that you can pay down your debt. One of the best options is to hold a liquidation auction,… Read more »

Moving Your Business? Overstocked? Hold an Auction!

One of the challenges that businesses sometimes face is managing inventory reductions or equipment liquidations. Inventory reductions may be made because of an overstock situation, a location move or closing, or simply just to liquidate outdated merchandise. A business that is closing or moving to a new location may also need to sell a large… Read more »

What to Know About Liquidation Sales

With many retailers going out of business, liquidating companies are having a field day. Selling of a dying business’s inventory has never been booming quite this much. If you wish to attend a liquidation sale there are a few things you need to be aware of if you want to get the best deals. Keep… Read more »