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Things to Know About Commercial Real Estate Auctions

What are some things to know about commercial real estate auctions? A Chance for Bargains First of all, most people think of auctions for things like cars or foreclosed homes. They don’t even realize that auctions can be used to find and buy commercial real estate at low prices. So if you’ve never even thought… Read more »

How to Win at a Real Estate Auction

While there are no guarantees in life except death and taxes (and probably laundry, too, while we’re at it), there are some ways you can be prepared to win at a real estate auction. The key word here is preparation. Just like the early bird gets the worm, the well-prepared bidder is more likely to… Read more »

An Overview of Buying a Foreclosed Property at a Real Estate Auction

Are you looking to buy a foreclosed property as an investment? The best way to do it these days is by attending a live real estate auction or attending a real estate auction online. Either way, there are some steps you should take to make a successful purchase. Here’s how to go about finding the… Read more »

Buying a Home at an Auction Could be a Prudent Decision

If you’re like most people, it never even occurred to you that you could buy a home or property via an auction. “Aren’t auctions for things like old cars and farm equipment?” you’d wonder aloud. But today’s reality is this: you can buy a home at an auction. More and more people are doing this… Read more »

Reasons to Purchase Property at an Auction

Are you looking to score a great deal on a new property? You could spend days searching through your local real estate listings looking for a home with a low price that has somehow gone unnoticed by others. Alternatively, you could attend a real estate auction and try to outbid others on properties. Here are… Read more »

How Real Estate Agents Can Utilize Auction Companies

Wilson Auction & Realty Co.  is a full-service auction and realty company with over 100 years of industry experience. Known for their superior customer service, Wilson Auction & Realty helps clients from a wide range of backgrounds and with a variety of needs buy and sell their assets. In today’s competitive world, more and more… Read more »

The Benefits of a Multi-Parcel Auction

If you’ve ever been to a bingo hall, you’ll know that the savvy players don’t just have one bingo card per game– they have several at once, therefore increasing the odds in their favor to win. Auctions are a little bit like bingo, in that multiple people are competing in real-time to “win” something. With… Read more »

Reasons to Sell Your Home at an Auction

Wilson Auction & Realty Co. sells homes via auctions in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. What are some reasons to sell your home at an auction? First, there are several qualified home buyers currently looking to purchase a home and they’re actively looking online to find ones for sale in the region. Auctions create competition between… Read more »

The Benefits of Using Auction Marketing

Wilson Auctions in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan often involve the auctioning of real estate. While most people are used to seeing a realtor put a sign up in front of a home and then offering “open houses,” and eventually someone buys the property for its asking price (or a negotiated price), there is an alternative:… Read more »