I’m thinking about having an auction, but I need to know what all is involved. Do you offer Free Consultations?

Yes, we offer Free Consultations. Simply call us to schedule an appointment. We will come out, look over your assets, and walk you through all of your options. You may also click here to find out more about having your own auction.

How soon do I receive the dollars generated from my auction?

Usually 7 to 10 business days after the close of your auction.

Is there an advantage to simultaneously holding my auction live, on-line?

Absolutely. Depending on your assets, an on-line auction simultaneously cast during your auction can definitely bring in more bidders, even bidders from around the world. After viewing your assets, together, we can determine if this would be a profitable option for you.

How long does an auction take from start to finish?

Start to finish, whether we are talking about before the sale, during the sale, or after the sale, all depends upon the size of your auction. The more assets you have to sell, the more time it takes to get your auction ready, sell the items on sale day, and close the auction out afterward. We will be able to give you time estimates after we look over your assets. We handle all of the details so that your sale is a comfortable experience.

I want to be a bidder at your auction(s), what all do I need to know, or bring with me?

Our auctions are set up so that there are either pre-view days where you can come in and view the items for sale a day or two ahead of the auction date, or on the morning of the auction. All auctions and their details are listed on our website so you can view what is available.

If you have not already registered for a particular auction, you will do so at our Auction Trailer, and be assigned an auction bidder card with a number. We require a Driver’s License or other comparable identification during registration. Some auctions will require that you have a letter from your bank – these are the big auctions where real estate or very expensive machinery and the like will be auctioned. Our flyers for such auctions let you know when a Bank Letter is required. Identification and Bank Letters are presented at registration time.

After you win the bid and purchase an item, your bidder registration number is attached to the item. At big auctions, for security reasons, we don’t release items until the items are paid for, and or, after the auction is finished. You pay for your items by presenting your bidder registration card to our cashiers at the Auction Trailer.

We strongly encourage you to be at the auction in a timely manner so you can hear all of the specific instructions regarding Buyer Premiums, Checkout Procedures, and Instructions on how the sale will flow.

What is a Buyer Premium and do all auctions have a Buyer Premium?

A Buyer Premium is a set percentage charged to the bidder based on the purchase price. Clients usually add a 10% Buyer Premium to a sale, which then adds 10% to your total bid price. Not all auctions have a Buyer’s Premium attached. Our website, and flyers specify these details in the specific auction information.