Here’s How Non-Profits Benefit From Both Live and Online Auctions

If you’re a part of a non-profit, you understand how important it is for you to raise as much money as you can every year. Unlike for-profit companies that generate sales, you rely heavily on donations to keep your doors open and to carry out whatever mission it is that’s near and dear to your heart. What’s more, you’re always looking for fun and innovative ways to bring in as much money as you can so that you can keep pushing your non-profit forward.

One great way to start bringing in more donations is by holding either live or online auctions every so often. Many non-profits stage live and online auctions once or twice each year and get people to donate the items that are auctioned off so that they’re able to reap the rewards. There are many benefits that come with holding live and online auctions for non-profits. Take a look at some of the biggest benefits below.

Builds up some much-needed buzz around your non-profit

Holding a live or online auction for your non-profit can obviously help you make enough money to stay afloat. But it can also do more than just provide you with the funding you need. It can set you up with some much-needed buzz in your community as well. You’ll have to market your auction to the masses in the weeks leading up to it, and when you do, you’ll introduce a lot of people to your non-profit, both through the marketing materials that you use and through word of mouth. Holding an auction of any kind is an excellent way to get people talking about your non-profit.

Helps your non-profit create connections in your community

As we mentioned earlier, a lot of the things that you auction off during your live or online auction will likely be donated to you by businesses in your general area. This will allow you to get out there and form solid connections with many of these businesses. Outside of the fact that this will help build up your buzz even further, it’ll also help you establish working relationships with those who could help take your non-profit to the next level. Their support will integrate you within your community and make you a much more important part of it.

Provides people with something in exchange for their support for your non-profit

Many people don’t have a problem donating money to a non-profit. They know it’s going to a good cause and don’t mind parting ways with their money as a result. But you can make people feel even better about donating money to your non-profit by providing them with something in exchange for their support. They’ll be able to place bids and win items during your live or online auction and receive something in return for the money that they give to you. You might find that some people are more willing to donate their money when they’re getting something back for it.

Allows you to educate people more about your non-profit

Regardless of whether you choose to hold a live auction or an auction that takes place online, you’re going to have the attention of dozens, if not hundreds, of people throughout the duration of it. You’ll be able to take advantage of this by educating people more about your non-profit in one way or another. You can hand out brochures that explain more about your non-profit’s mission, or you can direct people to online resources that lay out the objectives of your non-profit.

Gives your non-profit a chance to raise even more money than expected

Depending on what you’re able to auction off during your non-profit’s auction, you might be able to generate a lot more money than you would have expected. You might be able to get your hands on items to auction off that people will pay a pretty penny for. You shouldn’t necessarily bank on this being the case, but you never know how much money you might be able to bring in when you stage a live or online auction. It’s why all non-profits should at least consider holding an auction when trying to come up with fundraising ideas.

Is your non-profit in the process of figuring out your next fundraising event? Wilson Auction & Realty Company would love to talk to you about holding a live auction or setting up an online auction. We can speak with you more about the benefits of these types of auctions and talk to you about some of the success stories we’ve created while working with non-profits in the past. Call us at 419-636-5500 to kick things off.