How Online Auctions Can Help Your Next Fundraiser

Are you planning on holding an auction as part of an upcoming fundraiser event? You might be able to benefit from making it an online auction in a big way. It could help you raise more money than you were expecting to by the time your fundraiser is over. Take a look at some of ways an online auction will prove to be beneficial during your fundraiser.

Builds up the anticipation for your auction

You can wait until the last minute to reveal what you’re going to be auctioning off during your fundraiser. But if you take that approach, you’re going to miss out on the opportunity to build some buzz up around your auction. When you hold the auction online, you can help promote it by listing some of the items that will be auctioned off ahead of time. This will generate excitement around your fundraiser and give people a chance to prepare their bids

Allows more people to participate in your auction

There are some people who won’t be able to attend your fundraiser for one reason or another. Some won’t be there because of where they live, while others will have scheduling conflicts. But these things won’t stop them from taking part in an online auction if you decide to go that route. They’ll be able to bid on items just like anyone else. It’ll get more people involved in the action.

Gives your auction time to bring in the most money possible

When you auction off items in person as part of a fundraiser, you’ll only have a few minutes to take bids on them. This will no doubt limit how high the prices for items will go. But with an online auction, you can give people several hours or even days to place bids on different items. This will drive the price of them up and bring in more money for your fundraiser.

When you really think about it, it makes all the sense in the world for you to hold an online auction during your next fundraiser. It’ll help you hit your goals more easily and make your auction a total success. Let Wilson Auction & Realty tell you more about the online auctions that we can hold for you. Call us at 419-636-5500 today to get started.