How Personal Property Auctions Benefit Sellers

Do you have personal property and want to sell it? Have you considered hiring a company like Wilson Auction & Realty Co. to auction it off? If so, what are some of the benefits of doing so?

Extra Attention

Auctions are events which receive lots of attention– a lot of time, energy and care goes into making a successful auction of personal property or other things. For instance, there’s the advertising of it– using things like professional photography so your personal property looks its best– as well as direct mail campaigns, web publicity, TV commercials and other avenues to “get the word out.” Once people know about the auction, they put it on their calendars. They plan to attend. They look forward to it!

Various Items of Interest to Target Markets

What are some popular things that sell at auctions? How about antiques, furniture, old coins and stamps, firearms, jewelry and collections of various items like dolls and diecast cars? Meanwhile, automobiles and real estate (both residential and commercial) can be auctioned, too. Taking it a step further, farm equipment, manufacturing equipment, and intellectual property can be auctioned.

Detailed Reports

The company you work with typically gives you a detailed summary of what they did for you– for instance, an itemization of sales, commission reports, and a list of expenses shows you details of how it all worked out… and, of course, you get a check so you’ll make money from all those sales!

Partner With Professional Expertise

Auctioning off your personal property means you’ll benefit from professional expertise, competitive bidding, proper advertising of your items, a decent commission structure that’s “win-win,” and a fun auction atmosphere. Sure, you could try selling things one-by-one on your own, but that takes an awful lot of time and effort on your part– why not have a company like Wilson Auction do the work for you, getting it done quickly and efficiently?

“We pride ourselves on taking care of our clients. Everything we can possibly do to make your auction experience a success is implemented with great care and efficiency,” is the approach Wilson Auction takes. Located in Bryan, Ohio, Wilson Auction serves Ohio as well as Indiana and Michigan with both in-person and online auction services. For more info, please call 866-870-5500 and/or see the FAQs page.