How to Start the Heavy Equipment Liquidation Process

Do you have heavy equipment that you want to liquidate as quickly as you can? There are many ways you can go about doing it. The first step will be to figure out which equipment you want to get rid of and think about how much you want to try to get for it. From there, you can decide which method would be best for liquidating your equipment. Here are several of your options.

Hold a private sale for it.

If you live an area that has a lot of people who might be interested in buying your equipment from you, you might want to consider holding a private sale for it. You can market your equipment sale by placing an ad into the newspaper or hanging a “For Sale” sign on your equipment after placing it somewhere where plenty of people will see it. The only problem is that it could take a little while to attract interested buyers. There is also some risk associated with selling equipment privately.

Sell it to an equipment dealer.

There are many equipment dealers that would be more than happy to take a piece of equipment off your hands for you. They’ll also offer you cash right on the spot if you want to part ways with your equipment. Nevertheless, often times,  they’ll give you a lowball offer and won’t be willing to give you market value for your equipment when you turn to them.

Stage an equipment auction for it.

Arguably the best way to liquidate heavy equipment in a hurry is by staging an auction for it. Whether you go with an unreserved auction or a reserved auction, you’ll have a chance to get top dollar for your equipment at an auction. When you work with an auction company, they’ll also be able to take care of all the marketing of your equipment auction for you. This will put your equipment in front of a large group of potential buyers and make it easy for you to liquidate it.

Wilson Auction Realty Co. can set you up with the equipment auction services you need. From analyzing the condition of your equipment and helping you come up with a reserve price for it to taking care of every aspect of planning out your auction, we’ll do it all. Call us at 419-636-5500 today to start putting together an equipment auction.