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Industrial, Manufacturing & Textile Equipment Auctions


Do you own an industrial business that’s moving, closing, or upgrading equipment? Wilson Auction & Realty Co. can help companies sell off their old equipment by scheduling industrial, manufacturing, and textile equipment auctions. No matter how big or small your equipment might be, we can put together an auction for you and market it to qualified buyers willing to pay top dollar for it. We even offer online simulcast bidding options that can help you maximize profits while preventing you from having to hang on to your old equipment anymore.

Give Wilson Auction & Realty Co. a call toll-free at 866-870-5500 or locally at 419-636-5500 to hear more about industrial, manufacturing, and textile equipment auctions in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan.

Industrial or Manufacturing Equipment Auctions Typically Include:

  • Construction Equipment Auctions
  • Farm Equipment Auctions
  • Used Equipment Auctions
  • Salvage Equipment
  • Drilling Machines
  • Earthmoving Equipment Auctions
  • Auction Your Surplus Machinery
  • Industrial Sowing Machines
  • Cutting Machines
  • Milling Machines
  • Used Heavy Equipment
  • Knitting Machines
  • Grinding Machines
  • Honing Machines
  • Autoclaves

Heavy Equipment Liquidation


Over the years, Wilson Auction & Realty Co. has assisted companies of all sizes by providing them with heavy equipment liquidation. From a small machine shop unloading old manual cutting machines to a much larger company looking to get rid of one of only seven glass-cutting machines in the world, we have experience with just about any kind of equipment you can imagine. Our talented team has conducted heavy equipment sales throughout the entire Midwest and across 10 states.

Construction Machinery Auctions


Whether your construction company is closing or simply looking to part ways with equipment it doesn’t use anymore, you can benefit from a construction machinery auction in a big way. Wilson Auction & Realty Co. can help you set starting prices for your machinery and connect you with motivated buyers interested in purchasing construction equipment from you. We’ll even market your auction to make sure there’s enough interest in it before it begins so that you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself.

We’re Here for You!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. One of our experts can descriptively explain what the auction process is like, what our services entail and we can even provide an accurate assessment of what we think your item would sell for. Also, we can discuss what plan of attack would best suit your specific collection of assets and thoroughly examine all of your options.

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