If your business is interested in liquidating assets right now, the experienced team at Wilson Auction & Realty Co. can help you get the job done with our online auctions and auction house. From used farm equipment to old industrial machinery, we can liquidate just about anything you want in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana and get you the best prices for the items you want to sell.

Merchandise & Overstock Inventory Pallet Liquidation Auction

At Wilson Auction & Realty Co., we’re capable of handling lots of types of liquidation auctions. In addition to helping those facing bankruptcy, we can also assist those who have a large amount of excess inventory that they need to get rid of quickly. With a merchandise and overstock inventory pallet liquidation auction, you can sell off whatever kind of merchandise you have, including furniture and more. We’ll get your merchandise in front of the right people to increase your chances of turning a nice profit.

Bankruptcy Liquidation Auction of Business or Company

Has your company recently fallen on hard times? One of the best ways to begin to get yourself out of a bind is by holding a bankruptcy liquidation auction of business or company. By doing this, you can turn some of your assets into cash and start to pay back creditors and get rid of debts. Wilson Auction & Realty Co. can help you make the most of taking this approach by offering you the expertise and experience you’ll need to bring in as much money as possible during your liquidation auction.

Equipment Liquidation & Farm Machinery Clearing

A liquidation auction can also help those who might be selling their farm or changing the focus of their agricultural company. If you have old equipment that isn’t being used anymore, Wilson Auction & Realty Co. can provide you with equipment liquidation and farm machinery clearing. We can find buyers for your equipment and get it off your hands right away.

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