Maximizing a Car Purchase from an Auction

Many people are trying to save money on purchasing a newer vehicle and a lot of car dealerships want your life savings but you can’t afford that. So it is time to look at your options and auctions seem appealing.

There are two different options for auctions, government auctions and public auctions. A government auction is held by the government and the auction of vehicles that were once part of the police force and buses that were once taking children to school. These auctions have meticulous records of maintenance for the cars but this also means they usually go for big bucks. Old Police cars are highly sought after by taxi cab drivers.

The Public Auction is where you are going to find vehicles the dealerships get as trade-ins and can’t use or vehicles that were repossessed during a drug raid. These vehicles you need to be extremely careful with and you need to know your vehicle knowledge. If you plan on going to a public auction read the tips below so you don’t buy yourself a lemon.

1. Know your limits- If you don’t know the first thing about cars then admit it, and admit an auction isn’t the place for you. If you don’t know what danger signs are then you shouldn’t be there.

2. Use your Eyes- at most of these auctions you will not be able to start the car up, but you can use your eyes to see telltale signs of quick fixes. This includes uneven paint coloring and fluids leaking from under the vehicle.

3. Check Vin Numbers- Write down the vin number from the windshield and check it against other places on the car the vin should be, if they are different the vehicle was most likely in a major accident and needed major collision repair.

4. Know the Vehicles worth- use your smart phone to check out the values of the cars on Kelly Blue Book. Also do a general search on craigslist to see if someone in your area is selling a similar vehicle, you don’t want to overpay

5. Sold AS-IS- This means how the vehicle sits is how you get it. If that means the vehicle no longer runs then you have the task of figuring out what is wrong. If you don’t have mechanical abilities you may never make that vehicle run again. It also may be costly to get it running again.