Do you have a home, a business, or another piece of real estate that you want to get off your hands? You could go through the process of trying to sell it on your own. But that could take a lot of time and effort on your part. Wilson Auction & Realty Co. can help you auction it off instead with our residential and commercial real estate auctions in Michigan, Ohio. It’ll take most of the work out of the equation for you and give us the chance to show you how easy it can be to auction off real estate to the highest bidder.

Agricultural Equipment Auctions in Michigan, Ohio

As one of the nation’s leading auction companies, Wilson Auction & Realty Co. has helped countless farmers and others within the agricultural industry sell off old equipment in the past. Whether you’re selling your farm or simply updating your equipment, we can stage agricultural equipment auctions in Michigan, Ohio for you and get you top dollar for the equipment you have. We’ll scout the market conditions to price your equipment appropriately and market your auction to generate more activity once it starts.

Industrial or Manufacturing & Heavy Equipment Auctions in Michigan, Ohio

If you own an industrial or manufacturing plant that’s moving to a new location or making upgrades at its present facility, you might want to sell off some of your older equipment. Wilson Auction & Realty Co. can make this possible through our industrial or manufacturing and heavy equipment auctions in Michigan, Ohio. We’ll use our more than 150 combined years of experience to get your heavy equipment in front of the right people and sell it for the best prices.

Intellectual Property & Online Auctions in Michigan, Ohio

Even if you don’t necessarily think so, the intellectual property that your agricultural company owns could be worth a lot of money. The best way to find out is by calling on Wilson Auction & Realty Co. for intellectual property and online auctions in Michigan, Ohio. We’ll investigate your patents, copyrights, and trade secrets and see what we can get you for them. With an online auction, you can entice those both inside and outside of the U.S. to place bids and get a feel for your intellectual property’s true value.

Learn more about the auction services in Michigan, Ohio that Wilson Auction & Realty Co. can provide by calling us toll-free at 866-870-5500 or locally at 419-636-5500.