When planning an auction, sometimes you may have items that are rare or are appealing only to a limited industry or market. Depending on your location, it can be difficult to make your auction appealing to a diverse pool of bidders, potentially limiting the offers that you may receive. However, at Wilson Auction & Realty, we can help expand the bidding pool with online auction options.

We have worked with a variety of clients throughout Ohio, Michigan and Indiana to market their properties, excess inventory, intellectual property, farm machinery and equipment and much more through auctions. Now we can help open the bidding and create a more competitive and profitable event with online auction capabilities.

There are two options available. If you have highly sought-after items, you can open your in-person event to online bidders simultaneously, allowing prospective buyers both on site and online to compete for your items. We can also plan an online-only event that markets your event exclusively to web bidders, minimizing the need for holding a live auction at your venue and expanding to buyer pool to people from all across the country – or even around the world!

Let us help make your liquidation, excess inventory or other auction as profitable as possible by adding online bidding capabilities to your sale. To find out more about online auctions, give the Wilson Auction & Realty team a call today at 866-870-5500.