Wilson Auction & Realty Company is known for providing reliable business liquidation auction services in Indiana. We help our commercial clients with all sorts of business liquidation auctions, including the following:

  • Merchandise Liquidation Auctions
  • Bankruptcy Liquidation Auctions
  • Inventory Liquidation Auctions
  • Overstock Inventory Liquidation Auctions
  • Pallet Liquidation Auctions
  • Direct Liquidation Auctions
  • And more!

Live and Online Equipment Liquidation & Farm Machinery Clearing

Wilson Auction & Realty Company specializes in hosting both live and online farm machinery clearing and farm equipment liquidation auctions in Indiana. Farm equipment auctions are valuable to both sellers and buyers; for sellers, it funnels in motivated, qualified leads to your view and bid on your machines and equipment. Meanwhile, buyers have the opportunity to score great deals and pay true “market value” for items. With our help, you can host an in-person auction or an online auction where prospective buyers can bid from anywhere in the comfort of their own homes or any other location with internet access.  

Live and Online Inventory Liquidation Pallet Auctions

If you’re looking to unload or buy a bunch of general merchandise products, then a pallet auction could ideal for you. Put simply, a pallet auction is often overstocked goods, closeouts specials and other miscellaneous items.  These types of auctions are beneficial to buyers and sellers, as sellers can “trim the fat’’ and liquidate excess items, and buyers have an opportunity to secure great deals.

Live and Online Bankruptcy Auction

As difficult as the bankruptcy process is for businesses or individuals, liquidating remaining assets and working with a trusted auction company can help expedite the process. We work with creditors and other clients to provide live and online bankruptcy auctions in Indiana that will help streamline the bankruptcy liquidation process.

If you have any general or specific questions about business liquidation auctions in Indiana, contact Wilson Auction & Realty Company today.