Preparing for Farming Season with Wilson Auction

Spring is a welcome season for many people, but is also marks the start of the busy farming season for agricultural producers. This makes spring a busy time for upgrading or replacing farm equipment in preparation for the planting and growing season.

Agricultural equipment has improved vastly throughout the years and the cost of equipment, of course, has increased alongside these technological improvements. The rising cost of new equipment, coupled with the length of service that can be expected from quality equipment, can make buying used a great deal for many farm operators.

Buying used farm equipment can free up cash or credit for other investments. This also offers the advantage of being able to choose tested equipment that has a proven track record of reliability.

Trying to buy used equipment often comes with some challenges, though. Spending hours trying to arrange a viewing for an advertised, private-party sale can be time that is not available during a busy spring. There may also be limited used equipment available within a reasonable distance, meaning that you might not be able to find the machinery that you need.

Auctions provide a perfect opportunity to select from a variety of used farm equipment. Buying equipment at an auction provides the convenience of knowing what will be available in advance, while also offering a specific time and date when the sale will take place. Dealing with a professional auction company like Wilson Auction & Realty Co. can eliminate the hassle of finding and buying used equipment, allowing you to conveniently find the equipment you’re interested in and saving your time for the busy work that needs to be done during this time of the year.

Auctions can also provide an opportunity to choose from a variety of equipment to fit a farm’s needs and budget. No matter what type of equipment you need or what your budget is, there’s a good chance that you can find what you need at an auction.

The professional staff at Wilson Auction & Realty has more than 100 years of experience in the industry and conducts a variety of auctions each year, including agricultural equipment and property. Call us today at 866-870-5500 or 419-636-5500 to learn more about our upcoming auctions and how we can help you find the equipment that you need.