residential real estate auctions in ohio Would you like to sell a piece of commercial real estate or part ways with a residential property without having to go through the trouble of listing it and showing it off to potential buyers? The team at Wilson Auction & Realty Co. can help you skip those steps by helping you up with commercial real estate and residential property auctions. Thanks to our more than 150 years of combined auction experience, we can handle every aspect of your real estate auction, including marketing it, bringing in buyers to place bids on it, and finishing off the final closing process for you.

Selling Your Residential or Commercial Property at an Auction

If you attempt to sell a residential or commercial property on your own, you’ll be responsible for coming up with a selling price, holding open houses, and advertising the fact your property is for sale. You’ll also have to sit back and hope that someone shows an interest in it. Wilson Auction & Realty Co. can take the guesswork out of selling real estate for you by selling your residential or commercial property at an auction. We’ll take care of everything that goes into selling a piece of property and make sure you get top dollar from a qualified buyer.

Buying Residential or Commercial Real Estate & Property at Auction

Those interested in buying residential or commercial real estate and property at auction can also benefit from our services. We work with people interested in selling properties throughout Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana and can help you find a great deal on real estate. We’ll also work to make the closing process as simple as possible on everyone involved if you place a winning bid on a residential or commercial property.

To learn more about buying or selling residential or commercial real estate in Ohio, Michigan, or Indiana, call Wilson Auction & Realty Co. toll-free at 866-870-5500 or locally at 419-636-5500.