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Tips for Choosing an Auction Company

Are you planning to auction off real estate, heavy-duty equipment, vehicles, antiques, or household items at some point in the near future? Before you do, you should do your homework and find the best auction company for the job. You are going to want an auction company known for professionalism in your corner so that… Read more »

Reserved vs. Absolute Auctions: Which Is Best for You?

If you work in the agricultural industry or own a commercial company and you have an interest in selling off old equipment, one of the best ways to do it is by holding an auction. Auctions will allow interested buyers to place bids on the items you are looking to sell, and they can drive… Read more »

Understanding “Auction Chant”

Maybe your only experience of hearing the melodic chant of an auctioneer is spending a Saturday afternoon around the TV, watching PBS. Or maybe you were brought up around the authentic experience of actually going to auctions every Saturday with your family. Either way, the chant you experience at an auction house has many names…. Read more »

The Five D’s of Selling at an Auction

People collect property for specific reasons, so what would lead them to want to sell their items they have spent so much time collecting? Well that is where the 5 D’s come in. Death- When you die you cannot take your items with you. Chances are your family doesn’t want it either. Most items left… Read more »