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Reasons to Sell Your Home at an Auction

Wilson Auction & Realty Co. sells homes via auctions in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. What are some reasons to sell your home at an auction? First, there are several qualified home buyers currently looking to purchase a home and they’re actively looking online to find ones for sale in the region. Auctions create competition between… Read more »

Bankruptcy versus Time

As an educated consumer, you likely are well aware of how important it is to maintain your credit score. You have always maintained an effort to pay off your credit cards and bills on time. But the intention of paying down extended credit and even bills are a roll of the dice heavily dependent on… Read more »

Preparing for Real Estate Auction Day

For anyone that is selling property in an auction, it can be stressful. If you have never done it before, there can be a lot of questions that you might have about the process and what to expect. Here you can see we have broken it down to a couple stages. Before the Auction Make… Read more »