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Complete Auction Service Is Perfect for Estate Sales

No matter what the reason for it may be, planning an estate sale can be very overwhelming. With everything there is to do from start to finish, it can seem like an impossible task. Fortunately there’s help available from the team at Wilson Auction & Realty. We offer complete auction services to not only help… Read more »

Bankruptcy versus Time

As an educated consumer, you likely are well aware of how important it is to maintain your credit score. You have always maintained an effort to pay off your credit cards and bills on time. But the intention of paying down extended credit and even bills are a roll of the dice heavily dependent on… Read more »

Do Short Sales Save Your Credit?

With the real estate bust that hit pretty hard across the nation around 7 years ago, a lot of the rules changed. Subsequently, banks have made it easier for loan holders to avoid foreclosure and save their credit in the event of financial hardships. Many new ‘life rafts’ were introduced in recent years. And though… Read more »