The Benefits of Buying a Car at an Auction

Symbol of online car auction

What are some of the benefits of buying a car at an auction? 

Access to Exclusive Cars

Some auctions are open to both dealers and regular folks. That means you gain access to the “exclusive” cars that dealers bid on!

Great Price Points

One of the best benefits of buying a car at an auction is the price. You can potentially save thousands of dollars. So, if a dealer were to charge $15,000 for a certain car “on the lot,” you might be able to get that same car at an auction for $10,000. Nice deal!

An Expansive Inventory

With auctions, you get a broad inventory. Perhaps you’ll find a unique classic car that you wouldn’t easily find elsewhere. Or you’ll see “almost brand new SUVs.” Maybe a motorcycle will be up for auction, or salvage cars, or repossessed vehicles… there’s a large variety of options at an auction, compared to dealerships.

You Can Buy From the Comfort of Your Own Home!

Don’t want to leave your house but you still want to buy a vehicle? Participate in an online auto auction such that you sit home at your computer, making your bids without having to physically be at the site of the auction. This can help save you time, money and effort! You might even get the assistance of an auction specialist who can guide you through the auction/bidding process. 

Did you know Wilson Auction of Ohio offers online auctions for a variety of vehicles? Check out this page for details.

Wilson Auction has had the privilege of auctioning off some truly cool cars and vehicles over the years. For instance, in 2021, Wilson’s involved in the auction of several Austin Healey collector cars as well as Triumph motorcycles. It can be “a nice surprise” to open an email/message or check a website and discover “what’s up for auction this month.” 

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