What Does Good Auction Etiquette Entail?

Polite bidder in attendance at auction

Wilson Auction & Realty of Bryan, Ohio, conducts several auctions each month, both in-person and online. All sorts of things can be auctioned, and all sorts of buyers seem interested in what’s for sale, whether it’s residential or commercial property, farm equipment, machinery or whatever else is listed.

Etiquette is the customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group. What is proper auction etiquette?

Proper Auction Etiquette

Well, if you can, learn auction lingo, which includes words auctioneers use. It’s good to familiarize yourself with words and terms like appraisal, proxy bid, commission and market value. The more you understand what’s being said and how auctions work, the better you’ll do at winning an auction you want to win.

A proper dress code should be followed, depending on what’s being auctioned.

When the auction starts, that’s not the time to talk a lot with people around you– keep quiet so you don’t distract others. It’s best if you listen attentively to the auctioneer.

At auctions, don’t make sudden movements– you have to be careful that your movements aren’t mistaken as a bid (unless you want to bid). If you’re given a paddle to wave to make a bid, don’t wave it around wildly. You just raise it up when you want to make your bid.

Though auctions can get intense, proper etiquette is to stay calm, cool and collected. If you’re not sure you want to bid, then don’t bid! After all, once the auctioneer’s hammer comes down you cannot change your mind.

Finally, if you do “win” your auction, then secure your purchase(s) as soon as possible– that’s just proper etiquette since no one likes to wait around a long time to be paid, right?

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