What Makes a Good Auctioneer?

Wilson Auction & Realty conducts numerous auctions throughout the year. With that in mind, what makes a good auctioneer?


Oftentimes, a good auctioneer is known for his or her showmanship and style. In a way, an auctioneer is a lot like an entertainer. They share a similar mindset. After all, they’re standing in front of a crowd who listens to their every word. And that crowd likes to be entertained– even at an auction. An auctioneer with a good sense of humor who can also hype a crowd and generate excitement is worth their weight in gold. They have their own unique “personality” which helps attract people to what they’re selling.

Taking Charge

No one wants a meek auctioneer. They do, however, expect a confident one. After all, the auctioneer, if he or she is good, “runs the show” and is “in charge” of the thing. Therefore, the auctioneer should be able to speak well, project their voice rather than be soft-spoken, and be quick to notice what’s going on and react as needed. By showing strong confidence, the auctioneer communicates to the audience that he or she is in control of the situation. Confidence helps get people to pay attention to what’s being said and what’s being sold. 

Reading Audience

Good auctioneers can “read” an audience. They look for people’s body language and they can gauge how interested (or not) some bidders are… They then utilize their skills and attributes to not only get people excited about bidding, but then encourage bidders to outbid one another, thus raising the sale price. In the end, it’s about sales, isn’t it?

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