Why Online Auctions Have Been a Godsend During the Pandemic

It has been a difficult year for a lot of people thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Covid-19 has upended the way people do things, and, oftentimes, caused many people to literally not do things, such as visit movie theaters or garage sales or amusement parks. For months people have heard “stay home, stay safe, save lives” or a variation of that slogan.

When it comes to auctions, one of the nice things about today’s technology is that it allows for auctions to be conducted online. That way people don’t have to physically go anywhere to attend an auction…They can attend from their home, using their smartphone, pad, laptop or computer.

What are some of the benefits of online auctions during this pandemic?

Safely Bid From

For starters, bidders can sit at home, in the comfort of their kitchen or living room, and make their bids using electronic devices hooked up to the Internet. That means they can try and buy property, agricultural equipment, machinery, cars, etc., using online auctions. This is especially helpful for those who aren’t able to make a trip to be physically present at a live auction, for whatever reason. 

More Potential Leads

Thanks to the Internet, the world is a seller’s market. Instead of just relying on people from a couple miles away to come to an auction, now, thanks to online auctions, people from anywhere in the world can attend– so someone in California could bid on a property in Ohio and not have to even be in Ohio to do so, for example. 

A Safe Look At What’s Out There

In an era of social distancing, online auctions utilize pictures, videos and/or words to convey information about things for sale. Sure, it might be nice to see things “in person,” but with a pandemic happening where no one wants to catch the coronavirus, it’s better to bid from afar thanks to online auctions. 

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